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What Will I Be Entitled To If I Win My Copyright Infringement Case?

Posted on July 24, 2019
copyright infringement case

The potential threat of a copyright infringement lawsuit is justifiably the biggest concern for anyone engaging in infringing acts. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, are copyright owners who discover that their copyright is being infringed on and wish to take immediate legal action to stop it and seek damages where applicable. The biggest question looming on these copyright owners’ minds is what types of remedies they may be entitled … Read More

What Can I Do If My Trademark Application Was Rejected

Posted on June 28, 2019
What Can I Do If My Trademark Application Was Rejected

We have all been rejected at some point in our lives, and needless to say it doesn’t feel good. Whether it was a job interview, a school we applied to, or by someone we liked, the sense that we put ourselves out there only to be left hanging generally doesn’t sit well. The same holds true with a trademark application. You put the time and effort into creating a mark that you … Read More

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How Do I Establish Priority To My Trademark?

Posted on June 21, 2019
trademark priority

We have all had that million-dollar idea in our head. We then brush it aside until we see the plan executed by someone else. We are then left asking ourselves, “Why didn’t I act on it sooner?”. This typical story that may be fantastical to most is the unfortunate reality of those who have an idea for a trademark only to find out they have just missed the boat. When it comes … Read More

What is “Fair Use” of a Copyrighted Work?

Posted on May 20, 2019
Fair Use of a Copyrighted Work

The term “fair use” refers to the limited permitted copying of copyrighted material without receiving permission from the copyright holders. It is used as a defense against copyright infringement, and if use of a copyrighted work is deemed to be “fair use”, then the action is not considered illegal. The Copyright Act of 1976 cites four factors it uses to determine whether the use of a copyrighted work falls under the category of fair use. The … Read More

Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP Prevails In An Employment Discrimination Arbitration

Posted on May 14, 2019
Los Angeles Employment Attorneys

Attorneys Navid Yadegar and Navid Soleymani recently won a hotly contested arbitration involving employment discrimination. The case involved a woman, Elizabeth Carter, who was fired for her disability. At issue in the case was whether the employer, Dunn Edwards, had an obligation to keep employing Ms. Carter even though she could not perform some of the duties of her position due to her disability. Ms. Carter’s story began when she submitted an … Read More

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