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When employees rebuff sexual harassment or advances, as is typically and understandably the case, they are unfortunately often faced with negative responses and even disciplinary action. This is particularly common when the sexual advance or activity comes from a superior.

These situations can be completely confusing and emotional. Many employees understandably worry that if they respond negatively, they will find themselves in financial jeopardy. In other cases, when they do complain, they may not complain to the correct party or entity. If and when an employee complains to a supervisor or to human resources, there is an obligation to correct the action.

Many times the issue is corrected in this last case. When it is not, the organization is liable for sexual harassment.

In many cases, however, an employee responds negatively and faces the threat of a negative career impact or even termination.

If you or someone close to you has been threatened after responding negatively to sexual advances, it is important to know that you have methods for recourse.

Orange County Hostile Work Environment Attorney

At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our lawyers dedicate a large portion of practice to precisely these issues. We have helped many employees obtain significant compensation who have been faced with threats of disciplinary action or for negatively responding to sexual advances.

We handle cases efficiently, effectively and discreetly as we know the sensitivity of these cases. In order to work toward an ideal resolution, it is important to know your rights as soon as possible. We encourage you to get in touch with us.

To discuss making threats after a negative response to sexual advances in California in a free initial consultation with one of our Los Angeles retaliation attorneys, call (310) 526-8152 or email the firm.

  • Unwanted Sexual Advances
  • Offering Employment in Exchange for Sexual Favors
  • Making Threats After a Negative Response to Sexual Advances
  • Email, Text and Social Electronic Media Harassment
  • Making Derogatory Comments
  • Leering, Impeding or Blocking Movement
  • Sexual Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation Harassment
  • Same-Sex Harassment

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