Why California Employers Can Monitor Internet And Email Usage At Work

Is My Employer Monitoring My Email And Internet Usage?

Our Los Angeles Labor Attorneys Discuss Employers Monitoring Email & Internet Usage

You may consider it to be immoral for an employer to monitor your email and internet usage at work. However, under California law, they own the property (computers, keyboards, etc.) and can legally monitor what is on your screen. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our attorneys will ensure that the rest of your employee rights are not being violated by your employer. In the following video, our Los Angeles labor attorney Navid Yadegar discusses why your employer is allowed to monitor your email and internet usage at work.

Video Transcript

Employers often implement policies and procedure that govern their rights to look at what you are looking at on the internet. Because they own the equipment that we use as employees of a company, the law gives them the right to monitor our internet usage and, in many instances, the emails that we send out. The law has basically decided that because the company owns the equipment, they have the right to monitor our work and the types of emails that we send out, and as employees we don’t have privacy rights that supercede an employer’s right to monitor what we do on our computers these days.

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