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Am I Protected From Retaliation After Filing A Complaint?

Our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Discuss Protecting Employees From Employer Retaliation

No employee deserves to be sexually harassed at work. However, it is natural for an employee to worry about employer retaliation after filing a harassment complaint. California law prevents an employer from terminating, demoting or docking your pay due to a discrimination or harassment complaint. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our attorneys will hold your employer accountable for any attempted or successful retaliation tactics. In the following video, our Los Angeles employment attorney Navid Yadegar discusses the state protections that exist for employees filing a harassment or discrimination compaint.

Video Transcript

One of the major concerns of employees filing a complaint for sexual harassment is that the sexual harasser often times is in a position of power over the employee. And, the employee is always concerned that once I make a report to HR or my supervisor about a sexual harassment incident at work, that my workplace may retaliate against me by terminating me, demoting me, reducing my pay or otherwise making my life difficult. Fortunately, under California law we are protected from retaliation when we report illegal activities or discrimination, in particular sexual harassment at work.

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