Learn About The Legal Definition Of Sexual Harassment In California

What Is The Legal Definition For Sexual Harassment?

Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers Discuss The Characteristics of Sexual Harassment

Under California law, sexual harassment is a type of harassment that occurs because of someone’s gender/sex. If an employer is making inappropriate decisions based on a man or woman’s gender, then that constitutes sexual harassment. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our attorneys have handled all kinds of sexual harassment cases in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. In the following video, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer Navid Yadegar helps define the legal definition of sexual harassment.

Video Transcript

Based on what’s happened in the media recently, we always think that sexual harassment is when a male touches another female or when they make inappropriate jokes to a female. California law does not recognize a distinction amongst genders. Sexual harassment is a type of harassment that is because of one’s sex. So, if a male is making bad decisions or acting in an inappropriate way because of a female’s gender, then that is sexual harassment. If that same male employer is making improper decisions based on the employee’s gender, even if it is male, then it still constitutes sexual discrimination or sex harassment. The key is that the decision or the bad behavior relates to an employee’s gender.

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