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Do I Need An Attorney After Receiving A Severance Package?

Our Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys Review Important Details About Severance Packages

Although California law does not require employers to provide laid-off employees with severance packages, they can still choose to do so. Many larger companies have policies that create built-in severance packages for laid-off employees. When this occurs, you should hire an attorney to ensure that your employer is following the terms of the severance package. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our attorneys will make sure that your severance package is paid-in-full. In the following video, our Los Angeles employment law attorney Navid Yadegar discusses the details of California severance package law and highlights why hiring an attorney is so important during these situations.

Video Transcript

We’re often asked what do I do if my employer has laid me off and offered me a severance package? Under California law, an employer has no obligation to offer anybody a severance package. Some larger companies have policies and procedures which by the very nature build in the severance rights of employees once there has been a lay off. If that’s the case, then it’s important to review those policies and procedures to determine whether or not the employer is acting within its own policies and procedures. Even if an employer doesn’t have policies and procedures in place for severance issues, an employer still may choose to offer a severance to a departing employee. In either event, it is really important for an employee to consult an attorney, to review the severance agreement which often times, if not all the time, has waiver provisions which limit an employee’s rights to later sue an employer for wrongs that may have been committed prior to the termination or the lay off.

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