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Are There Mandatory Wage And Hour Laws For California Workers?

Our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Discuss California Wage and Hour Law

While employers expect employees to meet certain performance standards, it is important to remember that employees also have workplace rights. For example, California workers cannot be paid lower than the minimum wage and are required to take breaks throughout each work day. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our attorneys have experience litigating wage and hour law claims in Los Angeles. In the following video, our Los Angeles employment attorney Navid Yadegar discusses the details of California wage and hour law.

Video Transcript

Under both state and federal laws, employees have rights regarding their wages and their breaks and the conditions of their work. So, California for example provides minimum wage laws that govern an employer’s obligations to pay an employee. An employer is not within its right to pay less than what is mandated by California law. By the same token, California imposes on employers certain obligations to provide rest breaks and meal breaks to their employees. There are many other laws and regulations that apply to the workplace, relating to wages and types of hours that an employer is required to provide.

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