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Why Choose Our Business Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles?

Our Los Angeles attorneys at YMS have successfully litigated business disputes of all types in federal and state courts, and in arbitration.

We counsel our clients on the everyday challenges facing businesses so that they avoid litigation. When litigation is inevitable, however, we vigorously prosecute and defend claims in all forums of dispute resolution including state and federal courts, arbitration, and mediation.

What is Business Litigation?

Business litigation refers to the process of resolving legal disputes between businesses or involving business-related matters through the court system. It typically involves legal actions one party takes against another to seek a resolution for a dispute or protect their rights and interests.

Typical business litigation matters include:

  • Breach of contract: A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations as outlined in a legally binding agreement, resulting in a failure to perform, deliver goods or services, or meet contractual deadlines. A breach of contract can take various forms, such as non-payment, incomplete or substandard work, failure to deliver goods as agreed, or failure to meet specified timelines.
  • Partnership disputes: A partnership dispute can occur for various reasons, such as differences in management styles, financial disagreements, conflicting goals or visions, breaches of partnership agreements, disputes over profit sharing or decision-making authority, allegations of misconduct, or violations of fiduciary duty.
  • Claims for unfair business practices: These claims typically involve allegations that a business engaged in conduct that is deceptive, fraudulent, or unethical, leading to harm or disadvantage for consumers, competitors, or other stakeholders. 
  • Business torts: These torts involve civil wrongs that occur in the context of business activities and can encompass a wide range of wrongful acts, such as fraud and interference with contractual relations.
  • Trade secret litigation: Legal disputes that arise when a company’s trade secrets are misappropriated or unlawfully disclosed by another party.
  • Intellectual property litigation: Legal disputes involving the infringement, misappropriation, or violation of intellectual property rights, such as trademark and copyright infringement. 
  • Breach of royalty obligations: Situations where a party fails to fulfill their contractual obligations related to royalty payments.

Disputes can occur between businesses of any size, including small companies, multinational corporations, partnerships, or individuals involved in business activities.

Trade Secret Litigation

When most people think of a “trade secret” they envision the formula to Coca-Cola or the design schematic from a bio-medical research lab. While the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act (“UTSA”) certainly protects such information, the UTSA also affords protection to much more common pieces of information. If a company takes reasonable measures to protect its information, and if the information is valuable because it is kept secret, common, everyday pieces of data can also be afforded trade secret protection. For example, customer lists, business plans, spreadsheets, corporate minutes and agendas, and bid specifications can, depending on the circumstances, be considered trade secrets.

We have experienced trade secret lawyers. If you are an employer whose former employee has taken a trade secret and is using it in a competing business, we can prevent this unauthorized use by seeking a preliminary injunction. This alone may accomplish your objective.

If you are an employee who was wrongfully accused of trade secret misappropriation, our attorneys are also experienced in defending these cases and in finding shortcomings in the plaintiff’s trade secret protection policies. This can be an effective approach for dismissing a lawsuit or negotiating a favorable settlement so your business may proceed. In any lawsuit, your business interest will always be at the forefront, determining the litigation posture that will best achieve your business goals.

Collection Actions

We have extensive experience representing individuals and companies in the enforcement of judgments, collection of debts, and recovery of contractual breaches and defaults.

Securities Arbitration

Investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of clients. Sometimes, however, investment advisors breach this fiduciary duty and violate legal and ethical responsibilities to their clients. We represent investors in all forums of dispute resolution (including FINRA arbitration, mediation, and state and federal courts) with regard to claims involving failure to diversify, suitability, failure to follow instructions and misrepresentation/omission of material facts. If you need a Los Angeles FINRA arbitration attorney, contact Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani, LLP, today. We also represent investors who were duped into purchasing certain risky “high-yield bonds” as “cash alternatives”.

Insurance Bad Faith

We advise and represent policyholders in insurance coverage disputes in a wide range of areas, including products liability, property damage and loss, construction defect, errors and omission, directors and officers liability, technology, employment, entertainment, life insurance products, disability, health, and business interruption insurance.

What Damages Can Business Litigation Attorneys Recover?

Here are some common types of damages that business litigation attorneys may seek to recover on behalf of their clients:

Compensatory Damages

These are monetary damages awarded to compensate the plaintiff for actual losses suffered as a result of the defendant’s actions. Compensatory damages aim to put the injured party in the position they would have been in had the wrongdoing not occurred. They can include both economic and non-economic losses, such as lost profits, lost wages, property damage, and emotional distress.

Reliance Damages

Reliance damages are a specific subset of compensatory damages that seek to restore the plaintiff to the position they would have been in if they had not relied on the other party’s statements or assurances. These damages generally cover the costs and expenses directly associated with preparing for or relying on the contract or the other party’s representations. 

Punitive Damages

In certain cases where the defendant’s actions are particularly egregious or intentional, punitive damages may be awarded. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant and deter others from engaging in similar conduct. 

Liquidated Damages

These are damages that are agreed upon and specified in a contract in advance, typically to provide compensation for a specific breach. Liquidated damages clauses are commonly used in commercial contracts to establish a predetermined amount of damages payable if one party fails to fulfill their contractual obligations.


Restitution is a remedy involving requiring the defendant to give back any ill-gotten gains or return the specific property to the plaintiff.

In addition to monetary damages, business litigation attorneys may seek injunctive relief, which means obtaining a court order to prevent certain actions or compel specific actions. Injunctive relief can be crucial in cases where monetary damages alone are insufficient to address the harm caused.

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