Pedram Minoofar


Real estate and construction lawyer Pedram Minoofar

Pedram Minoofar has handled all aspects of complex real estate and construction litigation including representing clients’ interests in all dispute resolution forums (mediation, arbitration, litigation, and other forms of dispute resolution).

Today, Pedram represents a diverse client base in the real estate and construction industries including owners/developers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers in both public and private sectors.

Aside from counseling clients in real estate matters, Pedram counsels clients and litigates numerous other types of disputes including, corporate, partnership, and limited liability company dissolutions, and other commercial disputes.

Pedram also provides advice to clients in real estate transactional matters including, private developments, contract negotiations, leasing, insurance, indemnity, and other general advice.


  • April 2011, secured judgment in excess of $5 million, including an award of punitive damages, on behalf of clients who were damaged in a real estate loan transaction.
  • Successful prosecution of an owner’s claim against a general contractor and successful defense against the general contractor’s claims (total dispute was in excess of $100 million).
  • Successful prosecution of $2.5 million claim on behalf of a subcontractor against a manufacturer/developer and a general contractor.
  • Successful representation of a developer against a bank involving a potential loan default.
  • Successful representation of a developer against a defaulting general contractor.
  • Successful representation of a contractor against its insurance carrier.
  • Successful representation of a property owner against a neighboring owner and neighbor’s insurance carrier involving improper diversion of water.
  • Successful defense of a general contractor against a claim by a subcontractor.
  • Successful representation of a borrower against a bank.
  • Successful representation of a tenant against a landlord.


  • Prosecution and/or defense of multi-million dollar claims relating to public or private developments involving disruption, delay, and disputed change order claims.
  • Prosecution and defense of claims involving real estate purchase and development agreements.
  • Prosecution and defense of claims against design professionals.
  • Prosecution and defense of claims in general business contexts.
  • Prosecution and defense of mechanic’s lien, stop notice and bond claims.
  • Prosecution and defense of construction defect claims.


  • Drafting and negotiation of construction and design contracts on behalf of both owners and general contractors, including the AIA family of documents.
  • Advising clients concerning various legal and contract issues.
  • Advising clients with respect to insurance/coverage issues.
  • Contractors’ license law issues.
  • Advising clients on filing mechanic’s liens, stop notices, and bond claims.
  • Negotiation of purchase agreements, leases, and related real estate transactions.
  • Negotiation of private development agreements, and other general advice.