Client Testimonials

Terrific lawyers!

This firm is our go-to counsel for all of our business disputes and general advice. They are terrific lawyers who provide insightful strategic advice.

Outside the box thinking!

Just the type of outside the box thinking necessary to efficiently resolve complex business disputes.

Made sure that everything was handled properly and fair.

I’d give more stars if I could!! I was referred to Navid Yadegar for my case this past year. He has been so professional, helpful, and knowledgeable during the whole process. We just settled my case and I just have to say, that he worked harder than anyone I know to fight for me. He made sure that everything was handled properly and fair. I can’t even begin to thank him for everything he did!!! Thank you Navid!

Exceeded my expectations!

In a case where the employer had refused to even negotiate with my prior lawyers, Navid Yadegar aggressively built a case and obtained results that far exceeded my expectations.

Extremely happy!

Navid Soleymani represented me in litigation of breach of contract by my former employer. Navid was extremely attentive and detailed during the complaint filing and discovery periods. Based on his in-depth knowledge of CA labor law, Navid structured an approach which led to a very favorable settlement. I was extremely happy with Navid’s service and professionalism.

Smart, aggressive, and always well prepared!

We were glad to have Navid Soleymani on our side in our entertainment dispute. He is smart, aggressive, and always well prepared.

Navid and his entire team were caring, kind, attentive, and meticulous.

I hired Navid about one year ago in a sexual harassment claim. Navid and his entire team were caring, kind, attentive and meticulous. They kept me informed every step of the way. They planned ahead, listened to me, and implemented strategies that left our opposing party in the dust. At the end, we got a great result. But, I don’t write this review because of the result. I write it because the process was smooth and transparent. I thank you and your team for the hard work.


There was a time in my life where I thought by performing above and beyond could cost me my job, because all of a sudden the company I worked for would not honor FMLA let alone ADA. I tried on my own for many months and I was beyond exhausted, because I knew what my rights were. My employer also left me in a limbo where I couldn’t return to work but I couldn’t collect county benefits because I still employed. Months of depression and anxiety turned into hope and happiness when Navid took the time out of his day to provide a consult. He told me he could help me and oh boy did he help. I gave Navid as much details as I could, all communications, doctors notes, anything I could think of for him to look at what I had and gone through, clearly discrimination was an issue.

The employer couldn’t get out of this one after Navid discovered how the employer behaved when it came to employees with disabilities. Although the employer we went after claimed I did everything wrong, in the end they didn’t have a leg to stand on. Navid knew exactly what to do, and the way he executed made me very excited and happy to have hired his firm. I was kept in the loop of everything, his professionalism didn’t go unnoticed, at the same time I learned a little more about Employment / Labor law.

Navid and his firm are rockstars!! I’d definitely retain his firm should I go through a similar situation again.

A bulldog and a gentleman.

Navid Yadegar is truly an exceptional attorney. He is unique in the sense that he is both a bulldog and a gentleman. He is very bright and he does not have one of those obnoxious attorney egos. He does not candy-coat anything. He is very upfront about everything he sees in a case. He pays great attention to detail. If you feel scattered when explaining your potential case to him, he is great at organizing all of the facts you provide into a timeline with eloquence. He always keeps me informed of what is happening so I am never left in the dark. He is also compassionate and emotionally sensitive. The fact that he can listen well to emotionally sensitive matters makes working with him very comfortable. He never makes me feel like I am bothering him when I have a question or statement. He is good at finding errors that the opposing side makes throughout the process. If they slack, he catches it! Navid is the type of attorney that you want to keep in your address book for life! It is a pleasure to work with Navid!

They had my best interest at heart.

I’m very thankful for this law firm. They have always been there by my side with anything I needed. I have had personal experiences with Mr. Navid Yadegar and Mr. Pedram Minoofar with a few cases. They have always been honest and very helpful. I always felt that they have my best interest at heart and have always given me sound legal advice. They made a very stressful situation a lot easier for our family. I would highly recommend them to anyone I care about.

We got a great result.

Before I contacted Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani, I contacted 30 other firms in the area. No other firm wanted to take my case, as it was a complicated case against a very powerful institution. Navid Soleymani initially analyzed the case and Navid Yadegar handled the case. Both of them were very professional and helpful during the entire process. Although, the case was a difficult one, thanks to them, we got a great result. I would recommend them with all of my heart

Made me feel very safe and comfortable.

I was being treated wrong at my workplace, I contacted a few Lawyers and Navid Yadegar was the first to respond and take my accusations seriously. He took my case, made me feel very safe and comfortable through the process and was able to settle with a reasonable agreement. I recommend him to anyone that feels like they have been treated wrongfully in their job. I was the type of person that said to herself ‘I would never sue my Company

Hands down a great firm!

I don’t typically write reviews, but in this case, it must be said. Hands down a great firm! My case was complicated to say the least with a lot of complexities and weird little bits, so there was a lot of explaining to do. They took the time to listen and understand my situation and to devote plenty of time to be thorough and represent me in the best possible way. Yadegar and Soleymani were incredibly fantastic not only as attorneys but also human beings. They made the process somehow feel less stressful and were tremendous in helping me understand how everything works, which really gives you the peace of mind you’re in excellent hands. The communication was impeccable through every step and milestone giving me this overwhelming feeling that my case, and, more importantly, I mattered. I’m incredibly grateful for their hard work and dedication to my case. This was the first time I’ve ever had a need for an attorney and while I hope it’s the last time, I won’t hesitate to call them again in the future knowing how amazing this firms operates and handles cases. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life so much better and taking care of me in a way I didn’t know was possible!

Couldn't be happier!

I was referred to them by a friend and calling them was the best thing i ever did. I had a sexual harassment claim and was fired for it. My boss totally took advantage of me and i didn’t know what my rights were. We got a huge settlement. I couldn’t be happier.

Professional and knowledgeable.

I found this law firm by chance, browsing the internet and I'm so happy I ended up using them to represent me. Navid Yadegar took on my case and was able to get me a very big compensation for the way I was mistreated at my workplace. He and his partners are very professional and knowledgeable. I was very happy with the costumer service, level of attention, and the settlement I received, and would easily recommend them

Best move I could have made!

Navid’s confidence in me and clear explanation of the legal implications of my former employer’s treatment of me gave me the confidence I needed to stand up for myself and pursue legal action with Navid leading the way. Working with Navid and his firm was the best move I could have made, and his understanding of the medical side of my case further strengthened our partnership. I strongly recommend Navid and his firm to advocate for you, especially if you’ve experienced wrongful termination or workplace bullying or harassment due to a disability.