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Los Angeles Entertainment Litigation Lawyer

Here in Los Angeles, one of our primary industries is the entertainment industry. Films, television, and music call LA home, and the men and women who work in the industry need legal representation and protection just as any other major industry.

Why Choose Our Entertainment Litigation Attorneys in Los Angeles?

Here at Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP (YMS), our Los Angeles entertainment litigation attorneys understand the special considerations that apply to the entertainment industry as opposed to a more conventional working environment. Image, publicity, and contractual obligations all play a central role in an individual’s ability to find and maintain work.

In our practice, we see common themes arise time and time again in the entertainment industry. Disagreements about contractual obligations, agency relationships, ownership of creative material, and publicity matters all affect our clients time and time again. Here are some of the legal issues that a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer can help you with:

  • Contracts: Many individuals are so eager to begin work in the entertainment industry that they sign contracts with oppressive terms. Even sophisticated parties can be fooled into signing away their legal rights, which can affect their earning potential and their ability to participate in future projects. Signing one bad contract can derail your career. Our entertainment litigation lawyers in Los Angeles can help you review an entertainment contract and advise you before you sign it, or we can help you if you have already entered into a contract that has been broken or that you need relief from.
  • Agency Relationships: Most office workers don’t have agents who negotiate the terms of their employment on their behalf. Agents, the contracts that bind you to agents, and the issues that arise during an agency relationship are usually limited to the entertainment industry and require a Los Angeles entertainment litigation attorney who understands the special considerations that go along with having an agent.
  • Ownership of Creative Material: Copyright, partial ownership, and credits are another issue that is limited to the entertainment industry. If your rights to claim ownership to your own intellectual property are being called into question, you need an attorney who understands IP law and how it interrelates with entertainment law. Our experienced copyright lawyers in Los Angeles fully understand how copyright law works and will inform you of your rights.
  • Financial Planning and Advising: In LA, everyone hopes to hit it big. But what happens when you do? A Los Angeles entertainment litigation attorney is a critical member of your team who can advise you and help you make the right decisions about planning for your future, tax implications, and contractual matters that involve your future ability to earn.

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Here at YMS, our entertainment litigation and intellectual property attorneys are experienced in helping Los Angeles residents with their entertainment law issues. Our team understands the unusual circumstances that often surround disputes in the creative arts industry and we know how to apply the laws of the State of California to these unique issues. We focus on creative problem solving, and can both advise clients before they enter into agreements and also can handle litigation when a dispute arises after the fact. To meet with our experienced LA employment lawyers, call our office today at (310) 499-0140 and we would be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your entertainment career and the issues you are facing.