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California employees experience workplace discrimination on a regular basis. Although state and federal laws are designed to protect employees from discrimination, many people choose to ignore these laws and knowingly engage in discriminatory behavior. Whether you work for a small business or a large corporation, you deserve to be treated fairly at work. Workplace discrimination cases are often complex to litigate. However, our Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyers have extensive experience with these cases. We may be able to help you hold your employer accountable for his or her misconduct.

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Cases Our Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Attorneys Handle

There are several different forms of workplace discrimination. The most common types of workplace discrimination include:

  • Disability discrimination. If you have a medical condition or a physical limitation due to your health, then your employer must provide you with reasonable accommodations. Our Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyers can help determine your rights and decide if your employer’s conduct amounts to discrimination or failure to accommodate your disability.
  • Pregnancy discrimination. Pregnant women have legal rights as employees in the state of California. Your employer cannot fire, demote or harass you due to your pregnancy. Also, your employer cannot transfer you to a lower-paying position. If any of these situations occur, then you should consider obtaining legal representation.
  • Racial discrimination. Unfortunately, racism remains a part of American society and exists in the workplace. If you suffered an adverse employment action due to your race, then you may consider legal action.
  • National origin discrimination. An applicant or employee may not be treated unfavorably due to his or her birthplace or ethnic background. If you are being treated unfairly by your employer due to your ancestry, then you may have the basis for a legal claim.
  • Religious discrimination. Employers cannot discriminate against a particular religious group while favoring another. Employers must accommodate all religions unless it poses an undue hardship.

What Are Some Examples of Discrimination in the Workplace?

Common examples of workplace discrimination in Los Angeles include:

  • Workplace retaliation. Employers cannot punish their employees for engaging in legally protected activities. Retaliation includes negative actions like demotions, salary reductions and job reassignment. You should consider legal recourse if you believe that your employer’s actions constitute retaliation.
  • Wrongful termination. Federal and state laws protect Los Angeles employees from wrongful termination. These laws state an employer cannot fire you based on your protected traits, such as your disability, sex or race.
  • Systemic discrimination. A company may have certain policies or procedures that negatively affect members of a protected class. An example of systemic discrimination includes the placement of racial or national origin barriers around hiring and recruitment practices.
  • Wage discrimination. Many minority groups are often paid less than their white male counterparts. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 prohibits pay discrimination based on gender. However, many women still receive unequal pay.

What Are the Federal and State Laws That Employees From Workplace Discrimination?

Anti-discrimination laws are in place throughout the country, including in California. These laws shield members of protected classes against discrimination from private companies that employ them. A few of these federal laws include:

The California State Legislature has also passed anti-discrimination legislation. The most prominent law is the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). FEHA protects California workers from discrimination based on many factors, including sexual orientation, veteran status, and age.

FEHA applies to employers with five or more employees. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) enforces these protections. If you have experienced workplace discrimination, then our workplace discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles may be able to help you file a complaint with the DFEH.

How Do You Prove Discrimination in the Workplace?

Identifying workplace discrimination is tough. However, it is even more difficult to find evidence proving that discrimination took place. We understand that proving workplace discrimination in California is no easy task. To convince a jury, you may need to present evidence that:

  • Shows you to be a competent and qualified employee. An employer can always create an excuse that justifies his or her discriminatory behavior. However, you can potentially refute that excuse if you provide documentation proving you were a strong employee. This documentation may include emails in which an employer was praising your work. It may also include copies of performance reviews conducted by senior management.
  • Highlights a pattern of unequal workplace treatment. To highlight this pattern, you should study the coworkers that exist outside of your protected class. If you can supply evidence that proves they were given preferential treatment or better advancement opportunities, then you may have a strong case. Our Los Angeles employment discrimination attorneys can evaluate the evidence and determine if your claim would hold up in court.
  • Reveals a lack of objectivity by your employer. If your employer is being overly subjective when criticizing your work, then you should show that he or she is more objective when appraising the work of others. Our attorneys can help you find evidence that shows this lack of objectivity.

Have Your Claim Reviewed by Our Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyers

If you are the victim of workplace discrimination, consider speaking with a Los Angeles work discrimination lawyer from our firm. Workplace discrimination cases are generally complex. For example, you must begin by filing your discrimination claim with the DFEH. Most California employees must complete the DFEH process before they can file a discrimination lawsuit. We can help you determine whether you should wait for the complete DFEH investigation before requesting a right-to-sue notice.

Additionally, there are statutory limits surrounding the amount of time you can wait to file a workplace discrimination claim. If you fail to file your claim in time, then you may be unable to do so in the future.

At YMS, our Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyers will assess the validity of your claim against your employer. Contact us today at (310) 499-0140 for a free, confidential consultation. You can also contact us online and tell us about your situation. We look forward to meeting with you soon.