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Los Angeles Email Harassment Lawyer

With the rise of the internet, there are countless ways to communicate. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace can come in various technological forms. These forms may include:

  • Sexually charged emails with suggestive comments or pictures
  • Text messages (sexting)
  • Suggestive comments on social networking sites

Like with all sexual harassment, employees should not and do not have to tolerate these issues. Electronic media provides hard copy of the conduct, but it can also be more nuanced.

Do you believe that you have been sexually victimized in the workplace via email or social media? it is important to fully understand your legal rights and options. Reach out to an email harassment lawyer at YMS about your unique situation.

How Our Los Angeles Email Harassment Lawyers May Be Able to Help You

We dedicate a large portion of our practice to issues of sexual harassment. Because of this, our Los Angeles workplace harassment attorneys are ready to work on any issue, including email harassment. We have extensive experience helping employees obtain compensation, and if you are facing these issues, we are prepared to help you do the same.

We approach every case with a philosophy of efficiency, effectiveness, and discretion because we understand the nature of these cases. It is important to act decisively and with full knowledge of your rights. Because of this, we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

Discuss social electronic media and sexual harassment in a free initial evaluation with a Los Angeles email harassment lawyer from our firm. Call (310) 499-0140 or contact us online.

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