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Facing Discrimination at Work Due to Your National Origin?

Our Los Angeles National Origin Discrimination Lawyers Will Help You Demonstrate a Pattern of Prejudicial Conduct

There is a subtle distinction between discrimination based on your race as opposed to bias against your national origin. National Origin prejudice takes many forms. For example, company policies that demand an employee solely communicate in English, when the worker does not perform customer service or administrative work, is considered discrimination. You may not be promoted because a supervisor does not like your accent—but the job is in informational technology, and technical skills are more important than speaking. You could even be a second or third generation American and still receive prejudicial treatment because ‘all Arabs are terrorists’.

Understanding Federal and California National Origin Discrimination Law

Both Federal and California Law  proscribe discrimination against a worker because of national origin. The plaintiff will receive damages for lost wages if he or she can prove his or her case in court. You could also receive compensation for your attorney’s fees and expert witness fees. California State law allows for more damages than Federal law. You should talk to an experienced attorny about whether to begin your claim on the State or Federal level.

Our Los Angeles National Origin Discrimination Lawyers Will Help Your Case Succeed

To succeed, your attorney needs to show that discrimination due to your national origin was present. Other people, who did not have your qualifications or experience, received annual bonuses, promotions or went to training classes, but you did not. It became evident after a time that nobody who had African, Asian, or Hispanic blood was able to climb the corporate ladder. The employer will try to rebut your claim by citing business reasons not related to national origin. However, by amicably resolving the situation or addressind any concerns, you can rebut these claims.

At this point, you should organize your papers before meeting with an employment discrimination attorney. Try to document how well you performed on the job, and how many promotions you were denied. Our Los Angeles national origin discrimination lawyers will want to demonstrate that your employer showed a pattern of prejudicial conduct towards you. This will make it easier to win the case or negotiate a fair settlement offer. Contact us today at (310) 526-8152 for legal assitance. You can also contact us online and tell us more about your situation.




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