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Federal and California laws highly regulate the relationship between the employer and employee. This is becoming more so with the passage of new laws. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our Los Angeles employment lawyers advise both California employers and employees on matters that affect employment decisions.

When working to resolve a claim, our goal is to thoroughly understand the issues and the dynamics of our client’s unique situation. While this is often a painstaking process, it pays substantial dividends in achieving a successful resolution. In employment law, we have found that early, thorough and intelligent analysis can save our clients money and headaches.

Cases Our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Handle

Our Los Angeles employment attorneys handle many types of employment law cases, including:

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is when a person is on the receiving end of unwelcome behavior based on his or her protected characteristics. Protected characteristics are those identified by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), including sex, gender, disability, race and more. We handle many types of workplace harassment cases, including sexual harassment cases.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advances that adversely affect an employee’s work conditions. These advances may be:

  • Visual. Visual sexual harassment includes derogatory cartoons, drawings, or posters, and lewd gestures.
  • Verbal. Verbal sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to derogatory comments, slurs, sexual comments and jokes.
  • Physical. Physical sexual harassment is defined as unwanted touching, rubbing against someone, assault and physical interference with one’s movement or work.

Generally, sexual harassment falls under two main categories: quid pro quo and a hostile work environment. Quid pro quo harassment is harassment in which a term of employment is conditioned upon submission to unwelcome sexual advances. A hostile work environment occurs when the harassing conduct unreasonably interferes with an employee’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

If you think you have been sexually harassed or that you work in an otherwise hostile work environment, contact one of our employment lawyers to learn about your rights. Our experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys have successfully litigated sexual harassment cases on behalf of employers and employees.

Workplace Discrimination

Federal and California law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on several protected characteristics. A few of these protected characteristics include sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, race and more. Our workplace discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles are experienced in helping clients distinguish between illegal employment discrimination and non-discriminatory employment actions. We regularly litigate employment discrimination claims on behalf of employees, and we have also successfully defended employers against such claims.

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination is the unfavorable treatment of an employee or an applicant based on his or her disability or perceived disability. A disability may encompass the following:

  • Physical disability
  • Mental disability
  • Medical condition
  • Genetic information

If you have a disability, and believe your employer has either failed to provide you with reasonable accommodations, or discriminated against you because of your disability, you may have a state or federal cause of action against your employer. We recommend that you discuss your unique situation with our Los Angeles disability discrimination attorneys.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination is the unfavorable treatment of an employee or an applicant based on pregnancy or the ability to become pregnant. “Pregnancy” is a protected characteristic, and discrimination may be based on:

  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth

If you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant, it is important to understand your rights as a pregnant employee in California. If you believe you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination or pregnancy harassment in the workplace, consider speaking to our attorneys.

Workplace Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims

Federal and state laws prohibit an employer from “retaliating” against an employee. Retaliation is any adverse employment action against an employee because he or she engaged in a “protected activity.” A protected activity is any activity protected by law or public policy, such as filing a discrimination claim. Examples of retaliation may include, but is not limited to:

  • Poor performance review
  • Hostile work environment
  • Demotion
  • Termination

Some common situations where retaliation may arise include:

  • An employee reports employer violations to a state agency.
  • An employee complains about sexual harassment to his or her employer.
  • An employee opposes illegal activities in the workplace.

A whistleblower claim arises when an employee reports, threatens to report or refuses to participate in certain types of illegal or improper activities.

If you have been the subjection of retaliatory conduct, you should seek guidance from an employment attorney. Our experienced Los Angeles employment lawyers counsel and represent clients in claims involving workplace retaliation and whistleblowing.

Other Cases We Handle

Our Los Angeles employment attorneys also handle various other employment cases, including:

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