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Month: June 2014

On “National Equal Pay Day,” President Obama Signs Two Executive Orders Designed to Cut into the National Gender Wage Gap.
Posted in Employment Litigation,Firm News on June 16, 2014

In what is being viewed as a push toward gender equality in the workplace, President Obama signed two executive orders on April 8, 2014, relating to fair pay for women.  The actions, which were signed on what Obama commemorated as “National Equal Pay Day,” were enacted in an attempt to bridge the national wage gap…

Amendments to California’s Whistleblower Statute Create New Protections for Whistleblowing Employees
Posted in Firm News,Retaliation,Whistleblower on June 10, 2014

California Labor Code Section 1102.5 was enacted in 1984 to protect employees who report violations of state and federal laws by their employers. Under this law, employers are prevented from enforcing policies which prohibit employees from reporting the illegal activities of employers to governmental agency, essentially “blowing the whistle” on the employer’s violations of the…