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Month: November 2019

Can My Employer Discriminate Against Me Because of My Religious Obligations?
Posted in Discrimination,Firm News on November 20, 2019

Under state and federal law, potential employers or current employers have no right to discriminate against you because of your religion or your religious obligations.  For example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits an employer from refusing to hire someone in order to avoid accommodating a religious practice that could be accommodated without undue…

Common Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Posted in Firm News,Sexual Harassment on November 5, 2019

Sexual harassment in the workplace can negatively impact employees and their ability to work. In recent years, the “Me Too” movement has shed light on the number of sexual harassment and assault cases in the workplace. Below, our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys explain common examples of sexual harassment in the workplace. Get a Free,…