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Month: February 2024

How Do You Prove Disability Discrimination in California?
Posted in Disability Discrimination on February 29, 2024

Discrimination against individuals with disabilities in the workplace is prohibited under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). If you believe you have faced disability discrimination, understanding how to prove your case is crucial. Establishing Disability Status The first step in proving disability discrimination is establishing your disability status. Under FEHA, a disability is…

How To Prove Wrongful Termination in California
Posted in Employment Litigation,Wrongful Termination on February 21, 2024

Wrongful termination is a serious legal matter when an employee is dismissed from their job in violation of laws or public policy. In California, like many states, employees have certain rights and protections against arbitrary or discriminatory termination. Here is how to establish a strong case to prove wrongful termination. Proving Wrongful Termination Proving a…

Retaliation for Taking a Leave of Absence
Posted in Discrimination,Retaliation on February 14, 2024

Taking a leave of absence is a protected right for employees in California. Workers are allowed time off for various reasons, such as medical issues, family responsibilities, or military service. However, concerns about potential retaliation for taking a leave can deter employees from exercising this right. Leave of Absence Protections in California California recognizes various…

What Is Race Discrimination in the Workplace?
Posted in Discrimination on February 7, 2024

Race discrimination in employment refers to unfair and prejudicial treatment of individuals in the workplace based on their race, ethnicity, or perceived racial characteristics. While laws are in place to prohibit such discriminatory practices, instances continue to occur, necessitating a deeper understanding of the issue and a collective effort to eradicate it. Forms of Race…

How Bystanders Can Prevent Workplace Harassment
Posted in Employment Litigation on February 1, 2024

Workplace harassment can have a profound impact on individuals and the overall work environment. While it’s crucial for organizations to implement policies and training programs to address harassment, bystanders can also play a pivotal role in preventing and addressing these incidents. The Role of Bystanders Bystanders are individuals who witness inappropriate behavior but are not…