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Are Discrimination and Retaliation Claims Increasing in California?

Los Angeles is one of California’s largest economic hubs. Not only is it the capital of the entertainment industry, but many tech firms and startups call our city home. However, this economic prosperity doesn’t come without its fair share of problems in the workplace. And these problems are increasing not only in L.A. but across the entire state.

Are California Discrimination and Retaliation Claims Increasing?

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has issued its annual report on complaints filed with the department. In 2017, almost 25,000 complaints and inquiries were lodged with the DFEH. That is a 5 percent increase over the amount of complaints lodged in 2016. Though the DFEH handles housing issues as well as the Disabled Persons, Ralph and Unruh Acts, these complaints made up around 10 percent of the filings. That means 90 percent of the complaints filed with the DFEH were employment-related issues. Considering the issues trending in the public consciousness, this increase isn’t too surprising.

Why Are Claims Increasing?

Some credit increased complaints to the Cal Civil Rights System, which makes filing easier. However, there are many other factors contributing to this rise. Inexperienced startups that lack proper training programs could be spawning more employment lawsuits. The #MeToo movement has also improved awareness of sexual harassment issues. These factors could easily cause filings to rise, and 2018 is shaping up to be even more active when it comes to employment law issues.

Governor Jerry Brown just signed several new bills into law. These proposals have clarified our state’s laws, closed many loopholes and have increased training standards across the state. This means workers have even more avenues to ensure that their workplace is a safe and comfortable environment. This is especially important for the people who live and work in Los Angeles.

According to DFEH’s report, 30 percent of the complaints filed came from Los Angeles County. No other county has reported as many employment-related complaints. This highlights the importance of having an experienced employment lawyer by your side when working in our area. Our attorneys have helped individuals in Los Angeles and throughout California resolve cases of harassment, retaliation and discrimination. Contact our lawyers at (310) 499-0140 to discuss work incidents that are making it impossible to do your job.