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Yadegar, Minoofar, & Soleymani LLP Represents Bachelorette Contestant, Chad Johnson, in Lawsuit

Internationally known Bachelorette contestant and one-time Bachelor Nation participant Chad Johnson has filed a lawsuit against movie producer Cristina Cimino, alleging that she made aggressive, unwanted advances of a sexual and provocative nature, despite his clear and repeated refusals. Johnson is represented by Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers Yadegar, Minoofar, & Soleymani LLP.

Suit Filed Against Director for Sexual Harassment, Emotional Distress, and More

The suit, filed in mid-2018, accuses Cimino of sexual harassment, battery, assault, fraud, and emotional distress. Sunset Studios Entertainment is also named in the suit. In the suit, it is alleged that Cimino offered Johnson two movie roles for a total amount of $11 million. When Johnson accepted the roles but reaffirmed that he would not pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with Cimino, he claims she went back on her word and told him he would not be in either movie. Another part of the lawsuit focuses on an assault claim. Cimino texted Johnson referring to the alleged event as a consensual kiss.

In the suit, Johnson seeks financial damages equal to the amount promised to him by Cimino.

Defendant Accused of Making Persistent and Rigorous Advances

Communication between Cimino and Johnson began when she reached out to him via Instagram, offering him roles in Sunset Studios Entertainment productions. The conversation veered into questionable territory when Cimino allegedly asked Johnson if he had a jealous girlfriend, and less than a week later, allegedly invited him over and said “Hey wanna come over later? Clothing is optional, nakedness is preferable.” Cimino later claimed that the message was unintentionally sent to the wrong person.

Other examples of sexual harassment at work included Cimino allegedly asking Johnson if he was comfortable with on-screen nudity, sending an inappropriate photograph, and asking Johnson to stay in her one-bed hotel room with her.

Johnson denies any claims of sexual activity between the two. The suit describes Cimino’s actions as willful, malicious, and oppressive. It states that Cimino acted maliciously and in disregard of Johnson’s rights.

Johnson Claims Defendant Offered to Help Him Build His Career

Chad Johnson’s entertainment career began on the Bachelorette, where he was known as the villain of JoJo Fletcher’s season. He was eliminated from the series in the fourth week of the competition. He was later cast on Bachelor in Paradise, but was removed from the show on the first episode due to his behavior. Afterwards, Johnson appeared on Famously Single and Celebrity Big Brother.

In his suit, Johnson alleges that Cimino’s actions have damaged his career. He claims that the loss of work was due to his refusal of her advances. This is a relatively common occurrence, as an EEOC report found that 75 percent of victims who report workplace harassment experience retaliation.

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