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Year: 2018

Did Religious Discrimination Ruin My Job Interview?
Posted in Discrimination,Firm News on December 28, 2018

A man from Menlo Park claims that he was asked inappropriate questions during a job interview in October 2017. The interviewer allegedly asked about the man’s religion and said that the interviewee could be a bad fit because he can’t drink due to his religion. The company culture at that business includes going out to…

What Are the Six Most Common Retaliation Tactics?
Posted in Firm News,Retaliation on December 21, 2018

Have you ever had to file a complaint against a fellow employee or your supervisor? The law says that when you do this, you cannot be persecuted for revealing that wrongdoing. However, some workers and employers may attempt to skirt the law and retaliate against whistleblowers. Here are the six most common methods of workplace…

Why Does the #GoogleWalkout Matter to Workers in California?
Posted in Firm News,Sexual Harassment on December 14, 2018

On November 1, 2018, more than 20,000 Google employees walked out of their offices to protest the company’s handling of sexual harassment claims. The event dubbed #GoogleWalkout is being hailed as a cultural watershed moment, but do you know why? Here’s a look into the event and how it could not only change Google, but…

How Do Sexual Harassment Myths Keep the Cycle of Abuse Going?
Posted in Firm News,Sexual Harassment on December 7, 2018

Some people may believe that sexual harassment doesn’t happen often, but movements like #MeToo are correcting this misconception. Harassment comes in many forms, and myths like this can help perpetuate a culture that condones misbehavior. Here are three more myths that also contribute to blinding workers about the truth of sexual harassment. Myth 1: Real Victims Will…

What Are the Signs that My Employer Fired Me for Being Too Old?
Posted in Discrimination,Firm News on November 28, 2018

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act protect Californians from instances of age discrimination. Yet, some companies still attempt to cut older employees from their rosters, especially in the tech industry. Here are a few methods you can use to determine if you were let go due to age…

How Can Sexual Harassment Affect Your Health?
Posted in Firm News,Sexual Harassment on November 21, 2018

With #MeToo continuing to trend on the internet, more people are becoming better informed about sexual harassment. However, many people remain in the dark about how harassment can affect not just the workplace, but workers themselves. Experts say much of this is due to the fact that harassment is not studied as much as it…

Is My Non Compete Agreement Valid In California?
Posted in Employment Litigation,Firm News on November 17, 2018

Our Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys Discuss Non-Compete Agreements in California For the majority of situations, non compete agreements are illegal in California. The state encourages open competition and wants employees to have flexibility when leaving an employer. However, there are certain exceptions, including the sale of assets and the sale of the goodwill of…

Do I Need An Attorney After Receiving A Severance Package?
Posted in Employment Litigation,Firm News on November 17, 2018

Our Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys Review Important Details About Severance Packages Although California law does not require employers to provide laid-off employees with severance packages, they can still choose to do so. Many larger companies have policies that create built-in severance packages for laid-off employees. When this occurs, you should hire an attorney to…

Can My Disability Affect My Employer’s Decision Making?
Posted in Disability Discrimination,Firm News on November 17, 2018

Our Los Angeles Labor Lawyers Discuss Protections Given to Disabled Workers Disabled workers are protected by federal law. An employer cannot make employment decisions based on an employee’s disability. Also, your employer cannot make employment decisions based on a perceived disability. If your employer thinks that you are disabled, even if you are not, then…

What Is The Legal Definition For Sexual Harassment?
Posted in Firm News,Sexual Harassment on November 17, 2018

Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers Discuss The Characteristics of Sexual Harassment Under California law, sexual harassment is a type of harassment that occurs because of someone’s gender/sex. If an employer is making inappropriate decisions based on a man or woman’s gender, then that constitutes sexual harassment. At Yadegar, Minoofar & Soleymani LLP, our attorneys…